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In this case, bumping the power button by accident is not going to turn the phone on. To turn the iPad off you hold the power button several seconds and then follow the prompt, slide to power off, at which point you also have the option to Cancel. The same thing for the iPhone While you're there, you may also want to enable Auto Call, which makes your phone automatically place the call to emergency services 3 seconds after you press the side button 5 times

Pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds

How do I turn on the headphones? Press and hold the volume+ button for 3-5 seconds. Audrey says Welcome to AfterShokz. How do I enter pairing mode? Start with your headphones powered off. Press and hold the volume+ button for 3-5 seconds. Audrey says Welcome to AfterShokz. Continue holding the volume+ button for an additional 2-3 seconds. Audrey will say Pairing and the LED. In what I would consider a rage game, Hold The Button For 1000 Seconds attempts to distract me from my goal of... Well the title is self explanitory. Very funny with lots of kittens, and broken. Original title : I'm trying to type. Need to hold each key down 2 to 3 seconds. What happend? also running slow and jumpy.Too hard to type more!! message is in titl In this case you see this on the screen: to restart your phone press and hold the power and volume up buttons for 10 seconds. OF COURSE you can get this fixed through warranty. If you don't want to do that cause you don't want to wait, you can do what I did

How to use Emergency SOS on Your iPhone to Quickly Call 91

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I'm trying to type. Need to hold each key down 2 to 3 seconds

If you're facing this problem, put your phone into DFU mode this way: Plug your iPhone into your computer. Hold down the on/off button for 3 seconds, then let it go. Hold down the on/off button and Home button together for about 10 seconds. Release the on/off button, but keep holding the Home button for about 5 seconds Try turning your phone off by holding the power button, Bixby, and Power buttons for a few seconds until the recovery menu appears. On the Pixel 2, you need to hold down the Volume Down and. You can temporarily prevent Face ID from unlocking your iPhone. Press and hold the side button and either volume button for 2 seconds. After the sliders appear, press the side button to immediately lock iPhone. iPhone locks automatically if you don't touch the screen for a minute or so With your phone plugged in, press and hold both the volume down button and the power button at the same time for at least 20 seconds. If you see a red light, your battery is fully discharged. Charge your phone for at least 30 minutes. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds. On your screen, tap Restart Connect to your headphones with your phone or music player. The Bluetooth LED will blink four times to confirm a connection has been made and will remain on. To manually initiate pairing mode, press and hold the b button for 2 seconds. Disconnect & reconnect Push and hold the b button to disconnect your Bluetooth connection

Some owners may press the Bixby button, which is located in the left side of Galaxy S8 and S8+ and below volume buttons, mistakenly for power button.. When the phone is powered on, if you press and hold power button for more than 7 seconds, you will then reboot Galaxy S8 and S8+. This is considered as forced reboot.. If you press and hold the power button for 2-4 seconds, you will get the. Then press and hold the Home button on your new remote for at least five seconds. Once your Fire Stick recognizes your new remote, it will appear on the screen. Next, press the Select button on your old remote. This is the button in the middle of the circle. Finally, you will then see your new remote listed on the screen You may need to hold this button down for three to five seconds before the device powers back on. How to Do a Hard Reboot Even when the Android operating system can't display the power down menu, you can perform a hard reboot , also called a hard restart, which is different from a reset or manufacturers reset of the device 1. Open 3uTools and connect your device with your PC. 2. Turn off your iDevice by long-pressing Power Button. 3. Long-press the Power Button for about 3 seconds, then press Volume Down Button. Note that you need to still hold down Power Button. 4. Now keep holding both of the buttons for about 10 seconds By following the instruction to press the power button rapidly for 5 times and hold for 10-12 seconds at the 5th time I finally turned it off after its 7-hour ON. And luckily, when I restarted it, it could connect with my computer again. Thank you all for answering this question and offering an efficient way as a solution

press and hold Power button for more than 20 seconds check whether it turns on Galaxy S7 or not. press and hold Volume Up button for a few seconds, without releasing the Volume up button, press and hold Power button (totally 2 buttons) until you see something on the screen Press and Hold the Power Button for about 2 seconds and the Power Menu will open up. From the Menu, tap and hold Power Off until you see a prompt confirming if you would like to enter the Safe Mode or not. Just tap on OK and your phone will turn off and reboot in safe mode 1. Make sure your phone and speaker are connected through Bluetooth. 2. Answering and ending a call works the same way: simply click the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Heavy Metal. 3. If you'd rather not talk, hold down the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Heavy Metal for 3 seconds to ignore the call Your wireless phone has many buttons and hardware features that you will use regularly. (every 2 seconds): The phone is using only battery power. press and hold for a few seconds to add the plus (+) symbol to the phone number

That's it, your phone should now have booted into the recovery partition. Vivo Phones. Here are the steps if you want to enter recovery mode on Vivo devices. Step 1 - Power off your phone. Step 2 - While the phone is off, press and hold Power button and Volume up button simultaneously until Vivo logo appears to enter Fastboot mode If you're coming from an iPhone 7, a 6S, or earlier, force-restarting your 2020 iPhone SE is going to be different than it used to be: Quickly press-and-release the Volume Up button. Quickly press-and-release the Volume Down button. Press-and-hold the Side button for about 10 seconds (your display will go black) 2. Download and install app on your phone - iPhone and Android In Apple app store or Android Play store search for 'YOHO sports' by mCube Inc. Get/Install app. 3. Pair device Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone. Make sure the smart band is powered on. Hold display button for 4 seconds if not Locate the Power button on the bottom of the device next to the USB port and earphone jack.It's the only button on the device. To turn the Kindle Fire on, press and hold the button for about 2 seconds and the screen should light up You could use Thread.Sleep() function, e.g. int milliseconds = 2000; Thread.Sleep(milliseconds); that completely stops the execution of the current thread for 2 seconds. Probably the most appropriate scenario for Thread.Sleep is when you want to delay the operations in another thread, different from the main e.g.

[solved] Power Button gets stuck pressed HTC One (M8

2 to 5 seconds is enough and yes, you do have to hold the button on a manual battery to heat the juice and create vapor. There are some Ecigs that offer automatic batteries , but most who try them switch back to manual Press and hold either volume button and the side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. To turn your device back on, press and hold the side button (on the right side of your iPhone) until you see the Apple logo You can reset a Fitbit Charge 2 to help troubleshoot the device if it isn't working properly, or factory reset it as a last ditch effort

If you set your iPhone screen to stay on all the time for a short-term reason, remember to change it back to Auto-Lock when you're done. Leaving your phone on the Never setting is a good way to. You may also continue holding these buttons for 20-30s but if you iPhone doesn't show any response in first fifteen seconds then there is a probability that it won't show it even in hours. 2. Restore Factory settings. Although this option erases all the data and settings on your phone but it is a better option than just seeing your iPhone dead Way 1: Hard reboot your Android. Press and hold down the Home and Power buttons at the same time for 10 seconds. Then, release the buttons and hold down Power button until the screen turns on. Way 2: Wait until the battery runs dead. However, you should know how long your device can be running in standby mode Hold down the A button and Home button simultaneously for 2 seconds, the Android Mode indicator starts flashing. It means that the controller is ready to be connected to your Android Tablet or Phone In DVD mode, press button to skip to the previous track, press and hold button for two seconds to activate fast reverse (REW) search in a track. In radio mode, press and hold button to select station backward automatically, touch again will stop select station. button Frequency down. 12. LOUD Press to select loudness on or off. 13. STOP/PBC button

1. To connect your speaker to a Bluetooth enabled device, hold your phone or other device within 3 feet of your speaker, press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds, and the system will then enter pairing mode and you should see the indicator light flashing blue and red. 2 Can you post the router config? Also, do you hear Hold music if the Vmail AA puts you on hold for a transfer? That would come from the media defined for the VoiceMail ports but still back to the GW. This would eliminate the GWs ability to pass on G711 hold music. Also, can you set up a phone to not play the music? If so, does the call still drop • Press the Home and Fast Forward buttons for at least 10 seconds. GM infotainment (2017-2019) • Press the Onstar call button, then hang up. Honda. Hondalink with one screen (2016-2019) • Press and hold the audio system power button for 3 seconds. Then a menu will pop up and ask you if you want to reboot the system. Infiniti. Intouch. 2. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds, then release the power button. 3. Press the power button again for 2 seconds to turn on your NOOK. 4. If unsuccessful, charge the device via a wall outlet using the USB cable and AC adapter for several hours. You can also try plugging your NOOK into a computer via the USB cable. 5

Press and hold Volume Up Key + Bixby Key + Power Key until the phone vibrates. Step 2. When the Android logo appears, release all the buttons. For a few seconds, you will see Installing system updates on the screen, before the Recovery menu comes up. Step 3. Now, use the volume keys to navigate to highlight Wipe data/Factory reset. Step 2: Here, you need to press the 'Start' button right after hitting the 'Android Repair' from the left panel. Step 3: Pick your Android device details over the device information interface. Click the 'Next' button afterward. Phase 2: Enter 'Download' mode to repair and resolve'why does my phone keep turning off

If you attempt to perform a reset and the power off slider appears while you are holding the buttons, you did not manage to hold the buttons correctly. To reset the iPhone, continue holding the home button and sleep/wake button even after the power off slider appears. If you continue to hold the buttons, the screen should go blank in a few seconds If you have a Chromecast or Android TV, you can mirror your phone's display to the big screen. It's helpful for showing off something you found interesting without having to pass your phone around the living room, but the actual process of casting your screen is a bit clunky. Thankfully, there's a better way Step 2 Confirm the situation and please click on the Start button on the interface. Now you need to choose device name and model of your phone. Note: If you have no ideas where to find the device name and model and you are not allowed to access your phone for the info, you can open the battery to view the model If your iPhone is acting up, frozen on a screen, and/or won't respond to you, force-restarting it is a surefire way to whip it back into shape. And the process is easy on older devices just hold down a two-button combo until the Apple logo appears. That's no longer the case with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, which require a more extensive procedure that's harder to remember

If your Surface stops responding, or hangs, use the following methods to force a shutdown, and then restart. Be aware, though, that whenever possible, you should shut down your Surface in the normal manner: Select Start > Power > Shut down or press and hold the power button until the Slide to shut down your PC screen appears (about 4 seconds), and then slide down My headphones won't turn on. Confirm that you are pressing and holding the volume+ button, which acts as the power button on Aeropex, for 3-5 seconds. Audrey will say AfterShokz. If you continue to be unable to power on your headphones, please contact our Customer Happiness Team. My headphones won't enter pairing mode. Confirm that you are beginning with your headphones powered off. Press and hold the volume down button and the power button together for 10 seconds. Your phone will restart and the camera should be working again, but the problem might reoccur 1. Hold Sleep/Wake button down and slide to turn off iPad. 2. Turn on computer and launch iTune (make sure you have the latest version of iTune) 3. Plug USB cable into computer's USB port. 4. Hold Home button down and plug the other end of cable into docking port. Do not release button until you see picture of iTune and plug. 5. Release Home. Here's how to restart, reboot or force-restart your iPhone or iPad (including models with no Home button, such as the iPhone 11 and iPad Pro 2018). This is a handy solution if your device freezes.

Professional Tips on How to Put a Call on Hold

If you don't see your iPhone in iTunes, it in recovery mode by doing this:. On an iPhone 8 or later: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Press and quickly release the Volume Down button. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the recovery-mode screen.; If you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the Side and Volume Down buttons at the same time Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to turn on your HSBC Security Device. b.When prompted with NEW PIN on the screen, create and enter a new Personal Identification Number between 4-8 digits on your device, then press the button. Note: You will have 5 seconds to start typing in your PIN. If you do not begin typing your pin within You need to completely shutdown the device. You can do this by performimg what is called as the Surface Pro Two Button Shutdown. This process ensures that ensure that Surface is turned off completely. To do this, press and hold the Volume-up button and the Power button on the your Surface at the same time for 15 seconds and then release both of. Long pressing the power button and volume down for 10-15 seconds. It should boot back up and you're device turn on. Pressed in all 3 buttons for about 20-30 seconds and it booted back up. Hold down the power button and volume down for 10 seconds and it booted into safe mode. Now restart the phone and it working fine

SOLVED: held power and volume button now downloading

  1. 2. Within 2 seconds, tap the Phone Button and hear the voice prompt, Second mobile phone pairing. Again within 2 seconds, tap the Phone Button and the LED turns to green flashing and the beeps turn to multiple mid-toned beeps. You will hear the voice prompt, GPS pairing. 3. Search for Bluetooth devices on the GPS navigation screen
  2. g call when not on another call, press and hold the MFB for 1-2 seconds. iv. Phone Voice Control Press the MFB once while the headset is in standby mode to initiate voice command functions on your phone. Support for this is phone dependent; see your phone's user guide for more information
  3. 4.2 For your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on iOS 13, the process is similar but slightly different. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. Hold down the Power button and the Volume Down buttons at the same. You will see the white Apple logo screen too. Just keep holding the two buttons until you see the connect to iTunes screen
  4. g that your Samsung Galaxy S7 is already turned-off. Press and hold Volume up + Home + Power buttons together for until the Samsung logo appears. Wait for few seconds and you will get the recovery screen. Once you are into recovery mode, do wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, and Wipe Dalvik Cache. #5.
  5. g device. 2. If you use a ReSound Remote Control 2 (optional accessory), press the strea

Let go of the button and then make sure you re-pair again to your receivers and other transmitters once you have done this! My equipment is misbehaving, I want to reset my transmitter. Roger Pen = press the on/off, the microphone, the accept and the decline call buttons all at the same time and hold for about 10 seconds To power On press the Jog Dial and the Phone Button at the same time for about 1 second to power on. The blue LED turns on and you will hear ascending beeps. To power Off just short press the Jog Dial and the Phone Button simultaneously, you don't need to press and hold for a few seconds

How to Soft/Hard Reset iPhone XS (Max)/XR to Factory SettingMy Galaxy smartphone has frozen, how do I restart it

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  1. Turn your Nexus 5 off, press and hold the Volume Down, Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously until the phone turns on. When you find Start with an arrow around it shows on the screen, press Volume Down twice to highlight Recovery mode and press Power to confirm
  2. 1 Make sure your K780 Multi-Device is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled on your computer, tablet or phone. 2 Press and hold one of the easy-switch keys for 3 seconds (The LED on the selected channel will blink rapidly). 3 Open Bluetooth settings on your device and pair with Keyboard K780. 4 Type the on-screen password and press enter or.
  3. s the battery is dying and will soon not be usable. It will need a replacement if you want to be mobile. FYI if you are planing on using your laptop at the house near an outlet remove your battery when plugged in. they have a tendency to over charge the battery and kill its life
  4. Power Off and On Apple Watch. If, for any reason, you need to restart your Apple Watch, you can do so by holding down the Side button until the power options appear, prompting you to turn off.
  5. Press-and-hold the button for 2 seconds or more to enter adjustment mode Press-and-hold the button for 5 seconds or more to trigger rear derailleur crash protection reset Also, if you have a synchro-shift enabled bike, pressing the button twice will let you switch shift modes
  6. 1. Turn your phone off. 2. Hold the volume button down, whilst doing so press and release the power button. 3. You should now see a menu that offers Fastboot, Recovery, Clear Storage and Simlock. 5. Select clear storage by pressing the volume down button. 6.Press the power button again. 7. Confirm this by pressing volume up for yes or down for n
  7. Apple understands, so to decline a phone call simply hold down the center button for two seconds and then let go. You'll hear two beeps once you let go to confirm that you successful declined the.

How to Reset iPhone with Buttons? (iPhone X/iPhone 8 Included

Step 1: Power off the locked motorola phone. Step 2: Press and hold on the volume down button, and then press and hold on the power button for 2 seconds, and then release the power button. Note: During the process above, don't release the volume down button, release the volume down button until the reboot screen appears 2. How to turn off the iPhone /iPad CompletelyIf you don't plan to use your iOS device for a long period of time, it may not be a bad idea to turn off the device completely. This is easy. Press and hold the Sleep /wake button for about 4 seconds until a slider appears that reads slide to power off You can speed up your fast forwarding and rewinding by pressing either button repeatedly to get speeds of X 2 up to X30. However, you can also just hold the touchpad arrows to make things move.

Apple Watch won't connect to your iPhone? Here's the fix

How to Block the Volume Buttons. The first thing you are going to need to do is download the Volume Lock & Mute app from Google Play, but don't open it just yet. With this app you can say goodbye to someone changing your volume settings on your phone At the same time press the sleep/wake button. Hold until you see the screen above, then slide to power the phone off. (Do not hold this for more than 5 seconds as it will activate the SOS mode on your phone) Wait a while and then press and hold the sleep/wake button again to turn the phone back on The big mix up here is that you used the term stop when you really wanted to use sleep - that's why this is a duplicate question. For those who really want a stop, your best bet is a stepper that runs over and over until the delay is reached. I'd post the code but this answer is closed. - Jacksonkr Sep 27 '18 at 23:4 The supervisors tip was to hold down the power button for 40 sec and then try turning it on holding it for 2 seconds. Didn't work. She also said the ports can be affected when people use them while they are plugged in. When I held the cord at a up or down angle I was able to get the lightening bolt symptom. Green means charged

Hold down X and Home button of your G3s simultaneously for 2 seconds. Take out the USB cable included in your package, plug one end of the cable into your G3s and plug the other end into a USB port of the Windows PC. If the controller is connected successfully, the X indicator your G3s will stay on 2. The phone crash lead to the touch screen not working. Firstly, hold and press the power button to restart the Android phone, then your phone may back to normal. However, the touch screen may still not working properly after restarting. In such situation, try to boot the phone into Recovery Mode to solve this issue

How to Lock an iPhone Without a Power Button

IPhone - Factory-Reset

  1. If you still have problems, turn your iPhone off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on. To control playback with Siri, follow these steps: Press and hold the Home button until you hear a beep or Siri asks how she can help you. If you're wearing the headset, press and hold the center button until you hear the beep,.
  2. imum of 10 seconds, until you see the apple logo. Hard Reset iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plu
  3. The problem could be solved most of time by restarting your phone. However, in case you can't restart your iPhone, you need to hard reset it. In this case, in combination with the Home button you can get it down. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and Home button simultaneously for 8-10 seconds; you will get your iPhone restarted. Take a.
  4. Press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then hit restart; If you don't get the restart option straight away, continue holding down the power button for 30 seconds; If none of these tips have worked, it could be curtains for your device. Have these tips helped you? Any other tips to fix a phone that won't turn on

Xperia Z3 Sleep of death / Won't respond to Sony Xperia Z

  1. If you can't turn your phone on because its power button is broken, don't worry -- follow the steps below! 1. Which part of the volume button do I hold down and how many seconds am I supposed to hold down the volume button . VisiHow QnA. This section is not written yet
  2. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing this step. Hold the Power Button Until the Phone Is Off Hold the Power Button and the Volume Down Button for a Few Seconds
  3. or less. it will boot in and give u 4 options.. select second one which is boot into fast boot. then after selecting 2nd option presss power button to ok it. it will still take you to same screen. now select 1st option
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Fix an Android device that won't charge or turn on

Alright guys, so I'm back -- it's 2016/04/25. My S5 just broke so I'm downgrading until it comes in the mail. Googling for the same problem and I found my own answer. This time hitting it hard didn't work. So I sprayed the button liberally with DeoxIT D5 and violla, back in business. Hold the phone button side up and just soak it Then, press and hold the side button and volume down button until the Apple logo shows up. How to Put iPhone 6s or Earlier and iPad in Recovery Mode. Step #1. Turn Off your iOS device. Press and hold down the On/Off button for 3 seconds. Step #2. Now, swipe the slide to power off slider to the right

Buy Sim Free Alba Big Button Mobile Phone - Black at Argos

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide - Calls [Cisco IP

How to turn ON Pixel or Pixel XL without using the power button: When the Pixel or Pixel XL is turned off, press and hold the volume button for a few seconds. While holding the volume button, connect the Pixel or Pixel XL to a computer using a USB cable. Wait for your phone to boot to Download mode If the phone will not turn off, press and hold the sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time and release when the screen is black. Once the device is off, press and hold the home button and plug the phone into your computer. Continue to hold until the Connect to iTunes screen appears It erases all your phone's data. Turn Off your iPad by pressing and holding down the On/Off button for 3 seconds and then swipe the slide to power off Launch iTunes on your computer Plug in the charging cable (usb) into your computer (it's not yet connected to your iPad) Press and hold down the Home button on your iPa Hold this button to power on your iPhone. Image from Apple Support. Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo; On an iPhone 6s and earlier, then restart your phone. See if this one works for you

Will pressing the power button for 5 seconds on a running

Hi, As others said, steps are same I listed here. If your One Plus One phone screen is black or frozen and won't let you do anything it just needs a hard reset. To fix your One Plus One black screen or frozen screen just follow the below direction.. The phone automatically goes into sleep mode after about 30 seconds of inactivity to save power, but you might want to do this manually when you put away your phone. The Super AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen on your Samsung Galaxy S8 is cool, but it also uses a lot of power Hold down the power button for several minutes (like 4-5 minutes). The phone will cycle through several booting/charging screens 2. Release the power button, then press the power button to make the phone boot. 3. Plug the phone into a computer or other non-factory charger; it should begin to charge, albeit slowly. 4 The screen stays black after pressing the power button, but the phone is working the phone is working, you can call it, etc. After being left alone for some time it can start working normally, then, after a while - stop responding again, and so on. Hold Power and Volume Up Button For 30 Seconds. Phone Restarts from the freeze mode On your iPhone X, click and hold the Side button and either one of the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds. Step 2: Slide to Power Off Then, you'll find that your shut down screen shows up

Hold down power button for two seconds to reconnect

Press and hold Power button for more than 20 seconds to check whether it turns on your phone or not. Press and hold Volume Up button for a few seconds and without releasing the Volume up button. When I press the power button, the screen stays blank and nothing happens in the computer except for a spinning sound--either from the fan or the hard drive. The only way to make the latter to turn off is to hold the power button for five or more seconds. The computer will do this until coming on with the third or fourth attempt Press and hold the Windows key and the B key at the same time, and then press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds. Release the Power button but continue pressing the Windows and B keys. You might hear a series of beeps. The HP BIOS Update screen displays and the recovery begins automatically Hold it down for 15 seconds and the LED light on the case will change from white to amber. You can't hold it down for too long, so there's no reason to be worried about messing this up You should always be able to turn off your phone, even when locked. Try holding down the power button for a few seconds - you should see the power off option come up

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Press and hold your Android device's Power button and the Volume Down key for at least 5 seconds or until the screen shuts down. Release the buttons once you see the screen lighting up again. Instead of the usual welcome screen, a black screen will appear showing a list of text options. This is the Android console, or boot, screen How to exit iPhone DFU mode: Hold and Home and On/ Off buttons together until the Apple Logo appears.. Note: If your screen stays black, congratulations, you have put iPhone in DFU mode successfully. However, when the Plug into iTunes screen turns out, you have to restart from step 1 again. Do not lose heart, it is very common to try several times before entering to DFU mode for most people To connect your speaker to a Bluetooth enabled device, hold your phone or other device within 3 feet of your speaker, press and hold the Play/Pause button for 3 seconds, and the system will then enter pairing mode and you should see the indicator light flashing blue and red

How to uninstall apps on your iPhone | Business InsiderHow to Reset iPod touchSolution to Moto G Android on Recovery Mode ‘no command’Arris SBG10LtestTechnical: The best iPad apps of 2019 Apps set the5 Ways To Fix IPhone Invalid SIM Card Error | Technobezz

To force reset your device, hold both the volume and power button at the same time again for 10 seconds. This will disconnect the battery and restore and should bring your phone back to life. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy in Recovery Mod All users need to do, when the phone is unlocked, is hold down the top power button until the 'slide to power off' slider appears, and then hold down the bottom home button for five seconds In this post, I will guide you how to fix or troubleshoot a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that won't turn on. The phone was released in 2012 and if it started to act up recently for some reason, then. Turn your Android smartphone off by long pressing on the Power On / Off button. Now you need to press and hold the following key combination: - Power On / Off - V olume + - Home button If your phone vibrates once, release the Power On / Off button, but keep the other two keys from the key combination pressed until a menu appears on the display Turn off your Alcatel phone. Tap and hold the Power button until the screen shuts down. When the screen completely fades to black, then it is already off. Depending on your model, the Power button can be found on the following: Top-right portion of the phone; The right side of the phone; The End-Call button (red button with the image of a. Hold down the Home button from your Android smartphone to start Now on Tap so that you can scan QR with your camera. Open the stock Camera app on your Nokia phone and point it steadily for 2-3 seconds towards the QR Code you want to scan. Whenever scanning is enabled,.

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