Strange light in norwegian sky

The Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009 appeared in the night sky over Norway. It was visible from, and photographed from, northern Norway and Sweden.The spiral consisted of a blue beam of light with a greyish spiral emanating from one end of it If you have an interesting, special UFO sighting recording and would like to share it with the Ottó Kosik channel, please send it to kosikoz@gmail.com. I w..

STRANGE MYSTERIOUS BLUE SPIRAL LIGHT IN NORWAY SKY DECEMBER 9 2009 mrfs1978. Loading Mysterious light ablazes Norwegian sky - Duration: 1:41. Aaj Tak Recommended for you Any ideas on what these lights are? No fotball fields in this area. It was seen dissapear later this evening A strange spiral light in the sky was visible in the eastern sky over large areas of Northern Norway this morning. Norwegian space and defense experts believe that this was a failed Russian missile launch from the White Sea The Norway Spiral, a strange light that appeared in the sky across Norway last night, has Norwegian residents and international spectators baffled as videos of the incident hit YouTube. The light was spotted one day before President Barack Obama was scheduled to give an acceptance speech in Oslo, Norway for his Nobel Peace Prize

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  1. The presence of strange balls of light hovering over a valley in central Norway has baffled scientists for years. Known as the Hessdalen Phenomenon, the flashing orbs can be as large as cars and.
  2. Strange light in Norwegian sky #1 Post by Crostorm » Wed Dec 09, 2009 7:22 pm The Norwegian Metrological Institute has received hundreds of phonecalls from confused observers but so far has been unable to identify its origin
  3. Chinese residents are baffled by mysterious rectangular light in the sky Footage shows the strange shape which appeared in the sky in Jinan, China The video was taken on August 13 and then posted.
  4. Links To Sources: Norway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_TgrjxpS-c Most Viewed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NihM746-Msw Octopus: https://www.youtube.c..
  5. Strange light in Norwegian sky . Tags: white sea missile ballistic missile white light reported. December 9th 2010. View original. A test firing of an intercontinental ballistic Missile Russia has failed, which is seen in white light in parts of Norway
  6. Strange light in Norwegian sky sparks mystery. A eerie turquoise light spotted over Norway has sparked a mystery, with suggestions it could be a missile test

Strange objects in the Norwegian sky. It should have been white or yellow if it was the result of reflecting the light of the street. Therefore, even though I don't believe it to be an artificial satellite, I still that possibility cannot be ruled out, Brekke said Weird spiral light in the Norwegian sky. What is it then? Norwegians have been left mystified by a strange light display in the night sky captured over a military base in Skjold. Eyewitnesses were left wondering whether they had seen a UFO or simply an unsuccessful Russian rocket launch

amazing Norway Cloud Spiral, Mysterious Lights In The Sky!!!!! amazing Norway Cloud Spiral, Mysterious Lights In The Sky!!!!! amazing Norway Cl.. Strange light in Norwegian sky sparks mystery Daily Mail, UK December 10, 2009 The Norwegian Metrological Institute has received hundreds of phonecalls from confused observers but so far has been unable to identify its origin. Some experts have speculated that the phenomenon might have been caused by a Russian rocket launch

This morning in northern Norway, people saw a strange light in the sky which shocked residents and so far, the phenomenon has yet to be explained. This picture was taken from a pier, looking to. Skip to comments. Strange light in Norwegian sky sparks mystery [UFO or missile test?] The Telegraph ^ | 12/9/2009 Posted on 12/09/2009 5:53:04 PM PST by bruinbirdman. Eerie turquoise light spotted over Norway has sparked a mystery, with suggestions it could be a missile test

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In January 2020, hundreds of people reported strange lights in the sky over Colorado and Nebraska. They called them drones. Months later, the US government can't explain it. As a US Army broadcast journalist and combat-veteran, Krista Alexander decided to investigate Starlink satellites seen after the first launch in May 2019. MARCO LANGBROEK. If you've looked up at the night sky recently, you might have been surprised to see a train of bright lights moving. Word of the phenomena didn't leave this tight-knit, insular community for quite a while. But in December 1981, the lights shone brighter, outsiders took notice, and the press descended

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute was flooded with telephone calls after the light storm yesterday morning. Totto Eriksen, from Tromsø, told VG Nett: 'It spun and exploded in the sky,' Scegli tra migliaia di opportunità di viaggio. Consulta offerte e last minute di eDreams e goditi il tuo viaggi Video WATCH: Footage shows strange flashing lights in the sky over Norwich. PUBLISHED: 13:06 14 June 2020 | UPDATED: 08:23 15 June 2020 Thomas Chapma But that strange bursts of light in the 1980s attracted physicists, too, interest piqued by the idea of some unexplained natural phenomenon. In the decades since, they have determined the glow. Norway Ufo spiral lights in norwegian sky - aliens or terrorist attack? Antony Ruth. Follow. 5 years ago | 14 views. Norway Ufo spiral lights in norwegian sky - aliens or terrorist attack? Report. Browse more videos. Playing next

Strange Mysterious Blue Spiral Light in Norway Sky

Strange lights in the sky Jon Manchester - Nov 5, 2020 / 12:29 pm | Story: 315543 A puzzling light in the night sky was spotted by multiple witnesses in the North Okanagan, Wednesday The extraordinary amateur video show dozens of strange lights flashing in the daylight sky above Spartanburg, South Carolina, and some people believe it could could be an alien flee Discussion about strange phenomenom in the norwegian sky [Page 12] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more A string of star-like lights could be seen in the sky last night. The amazing light-show left many people baffled as to what they could be, with some assuming they had spotted shooting stars and.

Mystery spiral light seen above Norway can not be expplained

In late summer 1903, a strange light appeared in the sky over Marquette, Michigan. The light was first seen directly overhead. It then circled around the city and gained in brilliancy and slowly faded until it was very low in the sky and had entirely disappeared. Residents claimed that they had never seen anything like it before Some scientific papers by Michael Persinger and John Derr show that enormous energies built up in tectonic strain are sufficient to produce glowing, ionized, light-forms in the atmosphere. Or the strange glowing Hessdalen Lights in the night sky of Norway could be super fast alien spaceships. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Has the mystery of glowing Norwegian orbs been solved

A strange string of bright lights in the sky may be the result of a billionaire's elaborate space project The strange bright light that puzzled sky-watchers across Queensland, NSW and the NT is most likely to have come from a prolonged engine burn from a rocket — perhaps the one India launched to.

Strange lights over the NSW coast just before dawn had early risers scrambling for their phones and cameras on Thursday morning. Around 5.15am, a strange light was spotted over Sydney, Wollongong and beyond, gradually moving out to sea Strange lights in China sky AsiaWire/Xue Li. After all the other strange things that have happened in 2020, seeing a new species arrive on Earth wouldn't be all that surprising,.

Mysterious lights in night sky baffle Hawaii residents. 'What in the world is this?'. Picture: Youtube video. Did you happen to see the strange, bright lights on Saturday night? You may have been one of many who thought it looked like a plane, a meteor shower, or something unexplainable Norwegian Space Center had fun, with witnesses describing a swirling light filling the sky around 8 a.m. and then Hansen said a combination of circumstances made the strange light clearly. Discussion about strange phenomenom in norwegian sky again, now! [Page 2] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more Strange line of lights appear in the night sky spark UFO speculation Sarah Hodgson North Wales Live said they were inundated with messages from readers who had spotted the strange light show

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First Coast News has received calls and emails from viewers wondering about a strange line of lights in the night sky. Author: Mindy Wadley Published: 10:35 PM EDT April 30, 202 The origin of the strange sky phenomenon over Japan and Norway remains unclear. The Norwegian Meteorological Institute was flooded with telephone calls during and right after the light storm. According to astronomers this weird spiral was not connected to aurora, or Northern Lights, so common in that area of the world A strange line of lights was seen in the sky over North Wales (Image: Taylor Herbert). While the Starlink satellites look impressive from the ground, astronomers are concerned they may interfere. Strange lights seen in the sky across New Zealand. 1 Feb, 2020 09:24 AM 4 minutes to read. Video will play in. Play now. Don't auto play. Never auto play ABC15's sister station, KRTV, received reports and several photos from people in northern Montana of strange lights in the sky. People in and around Browning, Rocky Boy, and Lodgepole shared.

In Pictures: The Arctic sky has turned red! - Strange Sounds

Failed missile launch caused strange light over Northern

A man in North Carolina captured a group of strange lights in the sky on video, and it has a lot of people asking what they are. William Guy uploaded the footage to YouTube, titling his video Real UFO Sighting.The video takes place on a boat and it shows the horizon during a beautiful sunset Two Most Amazing and Strange Lights (Stargate Portal?!) Seen in Sky I dont wanna prove anything, you decide for yourself what is truth. Music: Do It By Jo

Norway Spiral: WATCH Strange Light In Sky Ahead Of Obama

Mysterious lights were filmed in the sky above Houston on Wednesday night, flashing repeatedly in a strange formation before disappearing. The video was posted by Kristan Mire who said she was. Series of strange lights spotted in the sky over Gloucestershire, The above image was taken near RAF Fairford and shows several bright lights in the sky early on Tuesday morning While I may not know for sure what I believe, I am definitely open to all evidence. That's why these strange lights, seen in the sky over Salt Lake City, seem so interesting Residents in Leicester have reported seeing multiple strange lights in the sky. Photos of what was seen in the sky at about 11.30pm on Monday (July 6) were shared on a Facebook page called Spotted. In the beginning of March, 9NEWS received reports of the strange lights in the sky from Denver, Longmont, Lakewood, Green Valley Ranch, Pagosa Springs and as far away as Frisco in Summit County

The Norway Spiral | Was the Norway Spiral a Wormhole or a

The mystery of Norway's Hessdalen lights may be solved as

Strange lights in the sky. 64 likes. Album. There was a huge bright white circle light flashing in the Sky on 7-7-2015 and I captured things coming out When we saw the pictures of the spiral in the Norwegian sky this morning, we immediately wrote it off as an impressively elaborate, funny-looking but well-executed hoax. You probably did too, even.

Norwegian Coastal Voyage with Hurtigruten - MS Trollfjord

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Discussion about strange phenomenom in the norwegian sky [Page 6] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more The strange light sighting happened around 10:00 in Gaylord. Robert Gard, witness of the light in the sky says,He came and got me and said man you gotta come out here and look at this thing Millions see unexplained sky lights over Norway. No-one has come up with an explanation for a very strange sight over northern Norwegian skies early morning local time yesterday or just before 6.

The Norwegian Spiral: Wild Theories in the 24-Hour Mystery

Strange lights seen in the sky in northern Montana are likely SpaceX 'Starlink' satellites By: KRTV Staff Posted at 7:41 AM, Dec 26, 201 The strange lights were spotted over New Zealand this evening. Photo / Supplied Just over 9000 stars are visible in the entire night sky - meaning they would be far outnumbered by SpaceX's satellites Sep 17, 2016 - Explore vossex's board strange lights in the sky on Pinterest. See more ideas about Strange, Ufo, Lights Around 10:40 p.m. MDT across southern Idaho many witnessed lights streaking and almost burning across the night sky. Some thought it was a meteor while others asked about a potential plane crash Strange lights explained: SpaceX satellites light up night sky over Indiana Social media is lighting up with reports of a strange string of lights in the sky Sunday night. Strange lights crossed through the sky Sunday night, as seen in this photo taken in Pittsboro, Ind. (Kristy Graebner photo

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